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 The V-Grip (for hookers only)
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Posted - February 19 2007 :  1:19:45 PM  Show Profile Send simpleswing a Private Message
The V-Grip (for hookers only)

Here's a specialized grip that will definitely help if an overactive bottom hand is closing the club through impact causing a hook. (Note: Don't consider trying this grip unless you have confirmed problems due to an other active bottom hand.)

I call it the V-Grip because you put the shaft actually right into the V of your trail hand (bottom hand) between your thumb and index finger. This is a grip where your trail hand can be quite a ways under the club but it allows you to straighten your trail wrist and not fly your trail elbow out (causing a pull) or roll your wrist over closing the club face (causing a hook).

Take your standard PowerThumb grip with your lead hand. Then you put your trail hand under the shaft and slide the shaft right up against the V where your trail hand index finger and thumb meet. The pad at the base of your trail index finger is under the shaft at a 6 o'clock or even 7 o'clock position. The palm of your trail hand is somewhat facing straight up.

Now you can experiment a bit with the right hand position whether but you absolutely have to MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THE SHAFT RIGHT IN THE V. The club actually has to be touching the bottom of the "V". In some ways it's almost like you are pushing the club with the bottom of the "V" of your trail hand.

Use the Squeeze Test *url*************************************************************************************************************** to find the right position for your bottom hand where you can flex your bottom wrist (i.e., hit with your bottom hand) and the club face will still stay square through impact. It takes a little experimenting with the exact position of your bottom hand (turning it clockwise or counter-clockwise) but when you find the right position that club face will stay nice and square through impact even it your really going after it with your bottom hand. If your bottom hand is too much underneath the club (too clockwise) you could still close the club face through impact. Just back off your bottom hand grip a little counter clockwise (weaken it) until you find the position that the club face just won't close through impact even if your really use your bottom hand a lot.

This grip seems to works best with a double overlap. IT ALSO HELPS IF YOU LOOSEN YOUR GRIP WITH YOUR RING FINGER AND LITTLE FINGER OF YOUR BOTTOM HAND. Your bottom hand ring finger and little finger can act like a fulcrum for the bottom hand closing the club face through impact. Try taking your bottom hand ring finger and little finger off the grip just letting them float in the air. (NOTE: this double overlap position is significantly different from our standard double overlap grip position. The trail hand is rotated almost 90 degrees more under the shaft than with the regular double overlap). This grip also works okay as a single overlap and seems to work somewhat with a 10 fingered grip however, I don't recommend the 10 fingered version. I'd much rather see you use one of the overlap versions of the Vgrip because that unifies your hands more and makes a good core powered swing more likely and a handsy swing less likely.

This grip feels "different". It makes you trail hand only help by giving some pushing power through impact. It dramatically reduces the tendency to close the club through impact with right side, right hand dominate type players.

This grip automatically helps keep your trail elbow close to your side so it may help prevent pulls if you tend you let your back elbow fly up and wind up with an Outside-To-Inside swing.

I AM NOT SUGGESTING THIS AS A GRIP FOR THE AVERAGE SYMPLE SWINGER. With Symple Swing all we need is a trail hand grip that doesn't screw things up through impact. If it does sound like your trail hand is causing problems through impact then the V-Grip is engineered to reduce those specific problems. If you have any questions contact me through the Simple Golf Helpdesk *url******************************************************You must be logged in to see this link.

Joe Davidson
Simple Golf
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