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 My Lesson with Joe Davidson on 7/10/2006
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Posted - July 16 2006 :  11:41:07 PM  Show Profile Send EdR a Private Message  Reply with Quote
This past week I had the distinct pleasure of receiving a lesson from Joe Davidson. I would like to share my experience with you. I told Joe that I am very inconsistent and would like him to help me to improve my consistency, which should help to lower my scores. I typically have difficulty-breaking 100 as some aspect or aspects of my game will break down and I will score poorly.

Joe had me start out by warming up hitting some shots with an 8-iron as he assessed my swing. Joe identified that I had a faulty wrist cock at the top of my back swing that took the club off plane and opened up the club face. I also had a tendency to spin out my lower body and at times, I would come over the top (an out-to-in swing plane). As a result, he identified 3 key areas to address.

They are as follows:
„h Proper Swing Plane
„h Swinging with Core Power
„h Locking out the Lower Body

Here is what I learned:

Swing Plane ¡V In order to ensure that I remained on-plane at the top of my back swing, he informed me that I was cocking my lead wrist into extension bending it backward instead of cocking it thumb-ward (radial deviation for you techies). To correct this he had me pre-cock the wrist and take it back to the top and turn my head to look to see that I maintained a flat wrist. He then had me hit balls in this manner by pre-cocking and then swinging through the ball. The results were a more consistent, straighter ball flight.

Core Power Swing - Joe explained and showed me how to start the back swing using the shoulders (the upper torso) and not to take the club back with my arms. While I understood what he was saying, I had a little difficulty being able to feel what he meant. What I found worked for me was to hold the club head end of the club, the lower shaft, with my hands and swing the club with the grip end away from me. By doing this, it eliminated the weight of the club head and I did not over squeeze the grip by tightening my arm muscles, which would cause an arm, generated swing. Thus, I was able to feel what a shoulder (core powered swing) feels like.

Locking out the Lower Body ¡V As I had a tendency to spin out my hips, Joe showed me the following:
The lock-out stance:

„h Feet slightly wider than shoulder width
„h Weight on the balls of the feet (always)
„h Push both knees outward, away from each other (bow-legged, i.e. genu-varum)
„h Slide/translate the hips forward

From this position you are in a pre-set position and as a result of locking out the lower body all of the myriad of things that can go wrong are eliminated.

During our lesson, Joe had me perform the following drills:

„h One arm with feet together, first trailing arm then leading arm
„h Pre-cocking the wrist, see above
„h Pre-set the hips into front leg and keep it there
„h For chipping, he had me keep my weight on my forward leg and then lift up my trailing foot and just have the toes in contact with the ground. This again stopped the lower body from spinning and hitting left of my target (for a right hander).

By the end of our lesson, Joe had increased the length of my drives (from a weak fade of about 175 yards to about 225 yards) and had me hitting a target with my driver more consistently than I had been when I started the day using my 8-iron.

Post lesson results on the course after one round:

Front 9: a 48
Back 9: a 49

Step 1, breaking 100 accomplished. I will update you as to my progress.

Joe thanks again.

Ed R.


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