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 Easier Way To Set-up in the Symple Swing Stance
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Posted - February 14 2006 :  3:29:38 PM  Show Profile Send simpleswing a Private Message
An Easier Way To Set-up in the Symple Swing Stance

The Symple Swing stance should feel very stable and very powerful. It should feel "athletic" not stiff. Most of your playing partners should hardly notice you're doing "something different" except for how long and straight you're hitting the ball. Yes, your hands are a little higher with your front forearm is in-line with the shaft and your stance is just a little wider but that's a trend you'll see with many golfers now.

Here's the little easier way to get into the Symple Swing stance:
1. Stand up straight with feet stance width apart (normally a little wider than shoulder width for longer irons and woods.)
2. Flare your back foot slightly
3. Slide your trail arm down the outside of your trailing leg and try to touch your knee.
As you slide your hand down the outside of your leg you should feel your hips shift forward. As you hips shift forward your back knee will come forward (toward the target) until it's right under your head. Your front leg should stay straight and your back knee should be bent.
At this point your spine is tilted correct (away from the target) and you knee has moved under your head all without any strange movements or bending.
4. At this point you only need to bend forward (toward the ball) at the hips (keeping the back straight). You need to bend forward enough to make sure your weight is mostly on the balls of your feet. Particularly with the back foot almost all of the weight should be on the ball of your foot. (Remember the back knee is bent.)

Your hips and shoulders should stay square. (Note: Your knees will appear to be slightly open because of the bend in the back knee.)
Your head should be behind the ball at address and stay behind the ball through impact.
Put some outward pressure on both feet almost like you were trying to slide your back foot backwards (away from the target) and slide your front foot forward (toward the target) at the same time. You then have your back leg pushing forward or bracing into your front leg. Your front leg is pushing backward bracing into your back leg. Those opposing forces should "lock down" your lower body making it very stable.

Then with a very stable lower body you should be all set to turn the shoulders back "on-plane" and hit the ball with full power. Although your lower body should be “locked down” (i.e., not much movement) during the backswing. However, through impact on the downswing, because most of the weight is on the ball of the back foot, you’ll feel an automatic pushing through with the right leg. This helps turn your body so you finish with your chest facing the target. You will normally finish facing the target but leaning slight back away from the target.

If I haven't explained this well enough please feel free to email me directly at Joe "at" or better yet call me at 203-798-8489. We have a flat rate phone plan so I'd be happy to call you back so we could chat on my nickel.
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