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 Reversed Tapered Grips Do Help Hookers
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Posted - November 13 2005 :  1:08:21 PM  Show Profile Send simpleswing a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Summary: We’ve Found That Reversed Tapered Grips Do Help Hookers

Question: Do you need special grips, tapered or other to use with Symple Swing.
Answer: Absolutely not. You can successful use most any type of grip with Symple Swing.

That said, we are finding some types of non-standard grips do seem to offer some advantages at least to certain types Symple Swingers.

The grips we are currently testing are reverse tapered grips The people that will be most likely to be helped by reverse tapered grips are Symple Swingers who now hook or draw more than they would like.

I have been testing some reverse tapered grips for the last few weeks.. These are grips where the butt end of the grip is narrower that the bottom (nearest the club head). The taper is the reverse of the way a standard grip tapers.

I have found that the reverse tapered grips weaken the grip of the little finger and ring finger of the lead hand (the top hand for right handed golfers) I also found that the larger right hand grip makes it easier to prevent a “rolling over of the wrists”.

The bottom line is that I have come to believe that tapered grips can be quite beneficial to any Symple Swinger that hooks or draws more than they would like.

Doing Symple Swing properly the flight will be dead straight. We have designed Symple Swing to get the club through the ball absolutely dead square. That said we don’t all execute Symple Swing perfectly. Many of us still have “muscle memory” from old swings. Many of us have a tendency to roll our wrists through impact. Tapered grips seem to significantly dampen that tendency.

With Symple Swing my normal shot has been straight but when I missed a shot it was a draw because I was rolling my wrist over (as I had done for most of the 40+ years I’ve been playing golf).

Like me, the Symple Swingers that seem somewhat prone to hooking or drawing are those that have come from other swing style where we were taught roll the wrists (or “release) through impact. Also the folks that had a strong “leg drive” with their old swings can be prone to hooking.

The first test I did with the tapered grip was to put on my driver. The I went out to play and I hit all 14 fairways and 10 of the 14 drives were in the center 1/3 of the fairway. My “worst” was a very slight draw. At that point I said “Hmmmn, this is worth some more testing”.

I had a couple more test grips so I put them on the 7 wood, 8 iron and pitching wedge. I liked the shots I hit so I have put the tapered grips on all my clubs. I played today and hit 12 of 14 fairways. (one drive was a foot into the rough and the other I drove through the corner of the fairway and I was about 10 feet off. Again the worst ball flight was a very slight draw.

This isn’t scientific testing and the sample size is ridiculously small but I think these grips are a keeper for me.

The Good And The Bad
I warn you. Tapered grips “feel different”. Initially you may like feel like your lead hand (left hand for a right handed golf) doesn’t have a strong grip or full control of the club. Gradually you will get use to the feeling and become confident in the grip. At first just be prepared not to like the feeling.

I find the grips help emphasize the “Power Thumb”. They also seem to make it easier to use the bottom hand (right hand for a right handed golfer) to take a comfortable grip that doesn’t overpower and close the club face. Personally I like the feeling when I get the pad at the base my index finger of my trail hand down past the 3 o’clock position more toward the 4 o’clock position. When the pad of my index finger is below that midpoint on the back of the shaft I get more of a feeling of pushing up and through the ball rather that the feeling of rolling the right hand over. I feel that helps me prevent any closing of the club face through impact.

We’ve found two companies that make tapered grips. Feel Golf ******************************You must be logged in to see this link. makes a very nice grip in three different styles however they do seem to be quite pricey. Ball Buster Grips (invented by a guy named Buster) ******************************You must be logged in to see this link. make a very reasonably priced grip. It’s a plain black grip but I find it has quite a good feel and I’ve found it was quite good in wet weather.

Both companies allow you to buy a small quantity of the grips to try. Feel has a 3 grip package. Buster has a 1 grip and 4 grip package. BTW, these grips are USGA legal.

I’d suggest that if you hook or draw more than you like try a couple of tapered grips. I’d suggest trying them on your driver and longer clubs first. If you do try the tapered grips please let us know on the forum how you liked them.

Joe Davidson
Simple Golf


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Posted - February 13 2018 :  12:25:08 AM  Show Profile  Visit pausHoafsoina's Homepage  Send pausHoafsoina an ICQ Message Send pausHoafsoina a Private Message  Reply with Quote
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