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 The Best Putting Tip Ever
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Posted - June 21 2010 :  7:33:46 PM  Show Profile  Visit mikeoleary's Homepage Send mikeoleary a Private Message
I hope everyone had a wonderful Fathers Day, as I watched the US Open and saw so many putts missed because of stroke error. Understand many putts missed were because of very difficult greens, but a high percentage of missed putts were a result of stroke error specifically club face closing or opening during the stroke caused by nerves, lack of concentration, excitement, pressure etc.

I wanted to give everyone the Most Important Putting Tip Ever to enable you to make all of your 3, 4 and 5 footers. Whether you use our Amazing Simple Putter and our Perfect Stroke Method or you putt conventionally the Most Important Factor in Putting is Controlling the Face of your Putter. Let me Teach you the 3 Fundamentals to Mastering Your Putting Stroke.

1- Set up with the SAME BALL POSITION EACH STROKE. This is critical to establishing a repetitive putting stroke for each and every putt. With our Amazing Simple Putter and Method we have the SAME BALL POSITION EVERY TIME because you sole the putter on the ground right behind the ball and move your left foot in until it meets your left hand gripping the club at mid thigh establishing your anchor point your hinge = your perfect pendulum. So ball position for Simple Putters’ is a few inches directly out from your left toe and all in line with left toe, knee, leg and hands.
If you putt conventionally you MUST find a mark, a point in which to establish the same ball position EVERY TIME. So Identify by using either legs or feet an Exact Same Ball Position every time. Whether it’s just inside back heel or inside front heel but really focus on finding this same position. This will help you become consistent with your stroke once the same ball position is created.

2- Lay a 5 iron on the ground as your ‘target line’ or your aim line. Set up to this line by putting your putter head directly on top of the shaft as you aim right down your target line. Initially this is designed to show you correct putter face alignment as some of us have optical issues and set up with putter face opened or closed. So if you are a Simple Putter you know the Instructional DVD teaches feet, hips and shoulders PARALLEL TO TARGET LINE.
Next, do 10 strokes back and forth pretending to be hitting a 10 ft putt. Then do 10 strokes back and forth pretending to hit a 20 ft. putt.
What did your backstroke look like? Where did your putter head go?
Did it stay on top of line/shaft? Did it go slightly inside on backswing? Either way is fine, what you are Identifying and Learning is ‘that is my back swing and it is going to be the same each time’. So get a visual and mental picture of your back swing, of your putters’ top of backswing position as it must be the same each time.
It is also critical to have NO club face rotation during your back swing. If you go in a slight arc make sure the club face is staying square to the arc not swinging open. If stroke is straight back and thru still not club face rotating open on back swing and closing on forward swing.

3- Last and most important is as you hit the ball your putter face is still square. Still at zero degrees, meaning you have not opened the face 2 or 3 degrees making ball go right. You have not closed the face a degree or 2 making the ball go left. (This is what happened at the Open yesterday as at least a dozen putts were pushed or pulled because club face did not stay at 0 degrees at impact).
To Make this happen every time, to have a ball hit on your target line every time work on Finishing your Stroke Right Down the LINE. Meaning Putter Head goes right down the target line of your 5 iron and finishes with Putter Head right on top of it!
This is the MOST important factor in your ability to hit the ball where you aim it. You must focus on how your putter finishes the stroke instead of watching your ball leave the putter face. Once you have understood and have practiced your stroke (whether our method or conventional) on top of the 5 iron and you are seeing putter finish right down the line, now putt some ball. Your focus in on the perfect stroke back and thru but hold your finish, hold your putter still as it comes to a stop at the end of your stroke. See by the end of your stroke, by the finish of your putter face where did your putt go??
Pretend I was holding a big cardboard square right in front of you after you lined up your putt, so you could not see the ball going toward the hole, the only thing you could do to see how your putt did was by seeing and studying the end of stroke putter face.
If you did this concept on every short putt inside 5 feet… you focused solely on having the perfect down the line finish position at the end of every short putt you would never MISS a putt again because of bad stroke. You might miss because you did not read a big breaking putt but if you eliminate all misses caused by bad stroke, caused by putter face opening and closing, you WILL Lower your scores dramatically and Gain a ton of Confidence as you Master the Perfect Stroke.

PLEASE let me know how this tip helps you make yourself a great putter. I have had fantastic response to our New Putter and Putting Method. I have had golfers on other forums talking about how great our putter is. Several golfers have gone from 34 or more putts per round to 26 putts per round!! Amazing. If you want to take advantage of our final Special sale that we had for Fathers Day I will extend this price to you until this Wednesday June 23. The Sale Price of $139 includes all shipping and includes my Instructional DVD which covers the tip above in detail plus tons of other instructional on putting and how to read greens. You also get our New Magnetic Head Cover all for only $139.
Our regular price of $189 plus S&H goes into effect later this week as we start our Golf Channel commercials which are very expensive.

Please click on this link to order our Amazing Simple Putter

You must be logged in to see this link.

I guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you have any questions please call me on my cell. 407 340 9420.

I will have this putter to you with 4 business days of ordering anywhere in continental US. All putters are shipped US Priority Mail.

Thank you and good luck with your game. Become a great putter by perfecting your stroke.

Mike O
Director of Instruction
Simple Golf

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