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 What Part of SS Has Been Hardest to Learn?
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Posted - April 20 2010 :  6:13:18 PM  Show Profile Send jclenden a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I just thought I'd pose a question to all who use SS. I think this could be very educational for me, as well as for others.

What element of SS has been most difficult for you to understand, or most difficult for you to master? If you have mastered it, how did you do so?

I have 2 areas that have been most troublesome:
1) HIP TURN: I've read the instruction on hip turn over and over and finally gave up on it. I just get so messed up with the mechanics that I can't swing the club. Instead, I now focus on limiting my knee movement. That seems to solve the hip problems. Since hip movement is a reaction to some other body movement, I've found it more productive to focus on that other body movement and just let the hips react naturally.
2) SHOULDER WHIP: When I think "whip" I think turning my shoulders as fast as I can. But I have realized that that swing thought doesn't work for me because I end up opening my shoulders before impact, which imparts a fade/slice spin. I've realized that I must make sure my shoulders are parallel to the target line at impact, which feels "closed". If they move beyond parallel I'll hit it less than ideal, and sometimes really bad.


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Posted - April 21 2010 :  03:22:00 AM  Show Profile  Visit flopper's Homepage Send flopper a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I was a mess.
I couldnt do much right.
Worked on swingplane last year,
allowed me to play golf but not consistently.

So, I would say, everything.
The gap between a DVD and how my body is suppose to move, is a gap I have had a hard time figuring out.

So, I started doing slow motion practice with intense focus and concentration on the drills,
but most importantly, what my muscles was doing in the motion, and I did that for 2 weeks, with symple turn and set up.
Now, as I can tell this allowed me to become aware what I was doing in the swing.
I was then making pro level impact.

Now, I go back to the range and its all gone.
Now, I know I can and did do it 10 days before.
So, what did happen?

I couldnt adjust the swing on the range at all, I was simply stuck.
I knew I had the proper set up, the proper backswing, so it had to be somewhere in the downswing stuff got messy.

So, I did some deep thinking,
what am I doing that makes me not being able to make a good impact?
So, I noticed, I am somehow, turning my shoulders and the arms obviously follows, in the downswing in the start sequence,
now, that made the club go out in front of me making it impossible to make a proper path to impact.

Now, my 2 weeks of slow motion practices pays off big time,
I am able to understand how my body should move, into the downswing iniation.
But I also note, I still have a tendency to move it out.
(Making a rotational move)

Now, I go out and googled a little and also went to some golf forums as I read a few.
I find this guy that states things about Hogans Angle a athletic move about trowing down.
(skipping a stone)
Now, its 7am here as I did read that as I woke up at 6am for some unknown reason.
I am just exicted to go down south to play golf.

So, I started reading that thread, and thought, gee, that is what I am looking for.
Out on the balcony, 7 am, and start swinging, just nuts, nuts...
Still my slow motion practice pays off and I am able to understand this and it is what I need to practice now.

For me, the gap between instruction, seeing on DVD has been the nr1 hard thing to translate to actually doing it.
Now, I managed as it seem to rebuild my swing totally in 3 weeks.
Hopefully it also shows in my game this upcoming wekend.


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The Tour Pro quest continues.
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Posted - April 24 2010 :  10:19:15 AM  Show Profile Send jerrydixon a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Lower body movement and alignment are very critical to a good result. Coming from Natural Golf, where a lateral hip slide forward is dictated, I found it very hard to keep a quiet lower body until impact. Joe really helped me by emphasizing using the trail heel up drill, and also using the T-Lock stance during practice. It really helps with the whole hip thing. Sometimes I even use it on the course if I notice I'm reverting to an active lower body. What happens with me is that when I let the lower body get active, I'll start anticipating the swing, and my lower body slides ahead (bringing the upper body with it...) then my head is now in front of the ball, club behind, I have to try to catch up and either hit a big pull hook or a slice... Keeping things quiet down there cures all of those issues.
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