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 Straight Left Leg To Help Quiet Lower Body
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Posted - April 10 2010 :  10:31:32 PM  Show Profile Send happyinhawaii a Private Message  Reply with Quote

I can't retrace my steps to see where I saw it (blog or forum), but you had suggested straightening the lead (left leg for right-handers) leg to quieten the lower body. I tried this today to take care of a problem I had yesterday (two pulled drives, 1 OB and 1 in a water hazard), which I deduce is from an overactive hip turn with a folow-through ending with my body turned well left of target.

The straight-leg stye (I normally flex both knees) did the trick. I also tried to "firm up both thighs" and feel the "force" more on my right leg (like a home run hitter), without keeping my weight on my right side. That was tricky for me, and I'm not sure I was working with the right swing keys. Can you elaborate on the home-run hitters' swing (vs. the slap-singles hitters and clarify the force (weight?) on the lower back leg (vs. the front leg), presumably to gain more distance and power?

Incidentally, I used the straight-left-leg approach in your experimental putting style, even though you didn't include it in your instructions. I favor a universal, consistent same-way swing and grip, whether it's for putting or driving, just so I don't have to learn different swings for different clubs, although I'm sure that different situations call for some adaptations.

Thanks, George

PS I also used a Tac-Tic for the wrist for the first time today. It's a winner! I'm happy to report that my left wrist is flat throughout my swings.

George Kagawa


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Posted - April 11 2010 :  04:28:01 AM  Show Profile  Visit flopper's Homepage Send flopper a Private Message  Reply with Quote
In baseball, they move thier body back and then as the ball comes in, then they step out and then turn around their spine.
Obviously we cant step as this would cause lower body movement and require a lot more timing.

Check the drill for the "symple turn" which should clarify that.
Turning (without a sway) to the right using the left hip as pivot point, I couldnt do last year.
I spent 2 weeks working that drill with set up and follow trough.
This allowed me to notice how the body turned around the left hip with the spine hopefully the same angle.

Now, I just tweak this by sorting out uneeded movement, as I still have some small motions as drop the right shoulder to scope the ball up.
My turn now, is really small, vs the stuff I did do last year and early on.
I also worked hard on my flexibility especially front quads, hip rotators the last 3 months.
That helped to feel the turn also.

The Tour Pro quest continues, Hope is alive.
Continue to prove that the Symple Swing has tour pro quality.
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Posted - April 11 2010 :  3:55:00 PM  Show Profile Send simpleswing a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hi George,

You probably read about the straight front leg here: The Symple Turn – A simplied lower body motion for the golf swing. ****************************** and if you didn't you should read that anyway.

As a home run hitter swings he swings into a straight front leg (Note: in golf we don't have to "step in the pitch" so we've eliminated the step baseball players use.) Just go to your sport page of your local paper or google home run hitters and your see plenty of pictures of home run hitters hitting into their front leg and keeping there head back (spine tilted away from target).

Theoretically you can get a couple of mph's more of swing speed by rotating the hips very fast however it takes world class timing and coordination and decades of practice to do that effectively. For the rest of us we can can much straighter, much more consistent and even longer hits from using the Symple Turn.

As flopper indicated it takes some practice to really ingrain that motion but that practice will pay huge dividends.

Joe Davidson
Simple Golf
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Posted - April 11 2010 :  9:14:13 PM  Show Profile  Visit mikeoleary's Homepage Send mikeoleary a Private Message  Reply with Quote
great job in understanding and benefitting from our fundamentals. I have truly enjoyed our phone conversations and emails in which you have critiqued, analyzed and implemented and tested our methodology.
Great job with all of the above and I look forward to our next conversation. How has your last couple rounds of ball striking been? thanks for your email and analysis of our putting and method.
Interesting straight left leg/ will test it? thanks definitely keeps you still with no knee movement etc.
Great job with tac tic, its so funny with my students who hate it at first then love it after it fixes their problem.
give me a call anytime monday as will be doing editing and available before lessons start on tuesday.
take care
Mike O
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Posted - October 29 2011 :  04:16:36 AM  Show Profile Send berniefromtn a Private Message  Reply with Quote
BWAHAHAHAHA...I've been doing this for years and suffered the barb's of my fellow players until I take the money at the end of the round.
FINALLY some other "Baseball Swingers" with a golf club.
Just joined and I am reading good so far...left hand on the club does feel odd...but I will work with it.

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