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Posted - February 16 2009 :  11:31:45 AM  Show Profile Send simpleswing a Private Message
Simple Golf February Newsletter
"Golf Success Guaranteed"

February News and Notes
2009 PGA Show Updates
Symple Putter Discount Offer
2009 Clinic Schedule
February Swing Tip

From the Desk of Mike O'Leary - Simple Golf Director of Instruction

2009 PGA Show Update
The Symple Putter Amazes People At The PGA Show!
We unveiled the amazing Symple Putter to a number of industry leaders at the recent International PGA Show here in Orlando Fla. We showed off the Scoring Machine Putter and we received rave reviews from all who used it. Here is what some of the Industry Leaders said:

Butch Harmon - Tiger Wood's former coach - "this putter has a lot of merit. You can see it works, it is very stable, outstanding product."
Geoff Magnum - world-renowned putter expert - Symple Putter will help anyone who needs a consistent, perfect stroke. I am amazed at the feel that this putter gives you. You guys have made a great putter."
Jack O'Leary (no relation to Mike) - Golf writer for major publications - "This putter is fantastic. I have to do a story on this putter, this will help everyone putt better which means lower scores, more fun. The average golfer will now be able to putt like a pro."
Mike Abram - Partner of The Golf Agency - "This makes putting easy. You have got a winner here. Send me one, I have got to simple putt from now on. Lets do a commercial, this putter will be the hit of 2009. Wait till one of the PGA pros gets his hands on this, wow!

Those were just a few of the comments we heard as we showed everyone how accurate the Scoring Machine Putter is. In fact we went to the industry leader in scientific putting analysis, Tomi and had the Symple Putter scientifically analyzed. The Tomi system measures every aspect of your putting stroke, we saw several pros 'learning' about the flaws of their stroke as we waited our turn to get the Scoring Machine and Symple Putting Method analyzed.

The scientists hooked up their sensors, camera's and motion detection device to our putter and I putted 10 balls. They were blown away with the accuracy of Symple Putting.
You can get the home version of the Tomi Putting putting Analysis System from our friends at by tapping on this link ******************************You must be logged in to see this link.

Click here to see some photo's of the actual results of my putting stroke using the Symple Putter. http:You must be logged in to see this link. The only time any of the analysts had ever seen such an accurate stroke pattern was when the tested top level tour pros. We showed them how to Symple putt and they could not believe how easy it is to become a great putter, hitting the ball exactly where you aim every time. Their analysis actually showed the Symple Putter turned regular putters into great putters in minutes.

Special Discount Offer on the Symple Putter
(Get $20 OFF and your choice of a FreeDVD)

Get a Symple Putter And You Can Become A Great Putter

To get the PGA Show discount just go to ******************************You must be logged in to see this link. and when you check out enter the discount code PGASHOW in the "coupon code" box and you'll get the $20 off. Plus an additional bonus you'll get free shipping and your choice of a free Simple Golf DVD. Just write the DVD you'd like as a bonus in the comments section of the order form and we'll send it right out to you. That's a bonus value of over $50.

Mike O'Leary's 2009 Clinic Schedule
Dates are subject change and require a minimum of 5 participants
Contact Mike O'Leary at for information.

2-28 & 29 Palm Springs & Los Angeles CA.
3-14 San Diego CA.
3-28 Phoenix AZ.
4-4 Charleston/Myrtle Beach SC
4-11 Baltimore Md./DC
4-25 Atlanta GA.
5-9 Raleigh NC.
5-16 & 17 Sacramento & San Jose Ca.
5-30 Chicago IL.
6-6 Detroit MI.
6-13 &14 Buffalo NY and Toronto Can.

For all of the above clinics Mike O'Leary will be lead instructor and will be available for playing lessons the day before or after, limit of 2 students.

Clinics In Other Areas Of The Country
We will also be holding Clinics in Texas, throughout the Midwest and Northeast with Joe Davidson or Chuck Neibel as lead instructors. The dates for the first clinics Texas are:

Mar. 13 Austin
Mar. 14 Houston
Mar. 15 San Antonio
Mar. 21 Dallas
Mar. 22 Oklahoma City

Signups and pricing for all clinics will be available shortly.

February Swing Tip - Review of "The Symple Lower Body Turn"

Symple Golf is all about simplifying the golf swing thereby making it more efficient and more consistent. One of the key ways we have made the golf swing simpler is by using a "simplified hip turn". This is a less complicated method of turning the hips during the golf swing. We use this turning method with "Symple Swing" but the Symple Turn can also be used with a traditional swing.

The "Symple Power Swing Lower Body Turn" is a less complex method of coordinating the movement of the legs, hips and torso. It also causes less stress on the body. Plus, it will instantaneously help in making solid crisp shots by reducing extraneous lower body motions. The biggest difference with the Symple Turn is keeping the front leg straight and not moving the front hip toward the ball in the backswing.

With using the traditional swing, golfers try to rotate their hips around their spine. In order to turn their hips around their spine they have to bend their front knee which brings their front hip forward (toward the ball) sometimes straightening their back leg pushing their back hip away from the ball. While that does rotate the hips it means moving and coordinating a lot of body parts. That requires a lot of timing and practice.

The traditional lower body motion has problems because it tends to over rotate the hips. Over rotating the hips has been tolerated in the conventional swing because most everybody slices and the over rotation of the hips does help somewhat with getting the club face closed. Obviously with the PowerThumb grip of Symple Swing slicing (keeping the club face open) is no longer a problem.

Here's how to make a Symple Power Swing Lower Body Turn

Stand up straight with feet a little wider than shoulder width. Then lock your front leg straight. (we normally do not "lock" the front leg we just keep it straight but when trying to learn the correct motion it's okay to lock the knee back) (Your back knee is stays bent at address and through the backswing and downswing.) Next pull the back hip back away from the ball. As you pull the back hip away from the ball (keeping the front leg locked straight) the front hip should act as pivot point or hinge. Practice this turning a number of times feeling the pivot point of the front hip. Do this a number of times turning your upper body with your hips. Then do it a few more times and don't turn the upper body much at all, just turn your hips. Next, then get in your address position and try that lower body motion a few more times just as you would in your swing.

Here's the Symple Turn sequence.

1. Begin the swing by turning the upper torso (chest and shoulders) around the spine. 2. Then let the turning of the upper torso pull that BACK HIP AWAY FROM THE BALL. (Your front hip moves just slightly towards the ball it just becomes the pivot point which allows you to turn your back hip away from the ball.


To put this another way here is WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO DO:

Don't bend your front knee and move your front hip towards the ball to begin your backswing. The problem with bending the front knee and moving the front hip toward the ball on the backswing is that you have to straighten the knee and move the front hip back away from the ball on the downswing. It's when you have to move the front hip back (on the downswing) that most people wind up over rotating that front hip and opening that hip up (moving it past square and back away from the ball). That opens the hips up too much, pulling the shoulders open and causing either a pull or a slice (depending on the position of the club head at impact).

If you do "rotate your hips around the spine" as in the conventional swing that means you have to coordinate the motions of the front hip, front leg, rear hip and rear leg. With the Symple Turn the hinge or rotation point is your front hip so you only really have to move the back hip and back leg. Again the main thing we're trying to do is create a stable base for the upper body (shoulders, chest & abdomen) to provide the power for the swing.

Benefits of the Symple Turn

1. Gives you "Synchronized Power" Automatically.
Because you start turning your core (shoulders, chest & abdomen) first, this makes you make a full turn giving you a bigger backswing. Your core will just automatically turn right body parts at the right time. This "simple sequencing" makes the Symple Turn much more powerful than any other way of turning.

2. Reduces The Tendency To Arm Swing
Because you start your swing by turning your core (shoulders, chest & abdomen) you automatically make a bigger more powerful turn than normal reducing the tendency to lift the club with your arms.

3. Reduces Pulls
Making a Symple Turn makes it much less likely that the front hip will open prematurely on the downswing causing an Outside-To-Inside swing path resulting in a pull or a hook. Because you are NOT turning the front hip forward during the first part of your backswing (or not very much) then you don't have the need to "turn the front hip back to square" which is often the beginning of the motion that opens the front hip too soon in the swing pulling the shoulders to the left (for a right handed golfers) causing a pull.

4. Makes it easier to keep the front leg straight
Since the front hip doesn't move towards the ball it's now much easier to keep the front leg straight. This reduces the tendency to move the body up and down which can cause fats shots and topped shots.

5. Gives you a much more consistent repeatable swing.
The Symple Turn is a much easier motion to do so it's makes your swing much more consistent. Fewer parts of your body are moving so it's easier to coordinate.

The bottom line is the Symple Lower Body Turn will allow you to hit the ball longer, more accurately and much more consistently.

If you have any questions about the Symple Lower Body Turn contact Joe Davidson at

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