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Posted - February 16 2009 :  11:26:49 AM  Show Profile Send simpleswing a Private Message
Simple Golf January Newsletter

We would like to wish everyone a Safe and Prosperous New Year in 2009. We want to thank everyone for their continued support, interest, and feedback the past year. Joe and I are determined to make Simple Golf the industry leader in making golf easier and more fun for everyone as you hit the ball longer and straighter repeating the same consistent Symple Power Swing every time.

We are undertaking massive steps to educate the golf world about the real benefits of Simple Golf utilizing our methods to Guaranteed Golf Success, the Symple Power Swing and Symple Putting Method. We are implementing new strategies to improve your progress and enjoyment starting right now in 2009.

I will be a guest speaker of the PGA Education Symposium at the upcoming Golfest here in Orlando Jan. 24 &25. If you're in the Orlando area check out ******************************You must be logged in to see this link. I will be teaching the general public how to Symple Putt and how to use our 'Scoring Machine' Symple Putter.

Joe and I will also be attending the International PGA Show here in Orlando at the end of the month and have meetings with Peter Kessler founder of Perfect Club, John Reger north Florida PGA director, Adam Barr from the Golf Channel, David Quail president of Quail Golf and too many more to mention. Showing that Simple Golf is gaining momentum and turning heads as the word is spreading like wild fire that there is a better method to achieving golf success.

When Joe and I started Simple Golf 4 years ago we both shared a vision that golf should be and can be an easier sport to play well. We now recognize that anyone can not only play well, but each one of you can not only play great golf - but better then you've ever dreamed of with Simple Golf.

Simple Golf is the ONLY golf instruction web site who truly teaches a golf swing that has a real and unique method that is better than what anyone else is teaching or selling. There are many other web sites who sell golf instruction, who do a great job marketing and selling their reworded conventional method or fundamentally unsound 'natural type' swing. NO ONE ELSE dares to give out their personal phone number, their email address, answer your questions all to get you playing great golf in just a few days.

We are THE ONLY ONES who dare to Promise Great Golf with our Golf Success Guarantee that essentially states if you do not experience fantastic progress, phenomenal results, learn more in one lesson than ever before, play great golf and experience more success then ever or Your $Money$ Back!! All of it.

There are others who claim to have a "Simple Golf Swing" method but don't be fooled. They are not offering live teaching, one on one lessons or clinics, complete access in discussing problems and solutions, complete contact with their teaching pros so don't be duped into believing the marketing hype. Simple Golf is our trademark as well as exactly what we believe in and we challenge anyone to match our:

1. Teaching Ability - Decades of teaching experience and Degrees in Education (We know how to teach human movement learning)
2. Complete Next Generation Swing Method which is the most fundamentally sound, error free method to hit a golf ball. We reduce the variables or unwanted movement so the golf swing has fewer moving parts but produces more club head speed and more consistency.
3- Willingness to make sure each customer is satisfied with their golf game no matter what it takes.

We are moving forward instituting our Golf Success Guarantee by implementing our Personal Coaching & Support Program. I will be sending out a letter to you outlining this support program in detail this week. NOTE: We are still giving free e-mail and forum support to everyone so we're not cutting services we're adding additional services. Here are some of the opportunities I will be providing to our new members only club:

- Weekly Blog with Video lessons and Pro Insider Tips.
- Teleseminar (conference call) bi monthly discussions on all facets of Simple Golf.
- Customized Analysis of Your Swing with follow up Phone Lesson.
- Game Improvement Web Section, analysis of your latest rounds of golf and how to improve immediately.
- Live video lesson on web (limited to small group).

As a Member of one of our 'Personal Coach & Pro' Programs you will also get -

- $50 off entry fee to Annual Simple Golf Tournament in Orlando Fla.
- 25% off any Lesson or Clinic. (A savings of $50 to $200)

I hope everyone who wants to Master golf, truly understand the fundamentals of Symple Power Swing and Symple Putting will take advantage of this opportunity. More details will be available in future mailings.

Starting at the PGA Show here in Orlando Jan 29 our cost of the Symple Putter will be going up to match retail price point with tv and magazine advertising. We would like you to take advantage of the $119 price and we will not charge you any S&H. Total cost for you is only $119 with free US shipping complete 90 day money back guarantee!!

To get you Symple Putter just click on this link: ******************************You must be logged in to see this link.
(Make sure you enter the discount code "GOLFHELP")
If you are not a great putter, one who has 30 putts or less per round, if you shoot 90 or above you have had 40 putts or more!! I personally guarantee you will drop 8 to 10 strokes immediately when you use The Symple Putter. Listen to what a few experts said about our putter...

This is from John Reger, a highly respected member of the PGA, who I recently meet at a charity tournament and here is his 'experience' with The Symple Putter and his recent post on our forum page.

Posted - December 29 2008 : 4:48:04 PM
Simple Golf Philosophy + Symple Putter + Symple Putting Method = Lower Scores!

One of the best insights that I have ever received about learning how to play golf came from an old golf professional about 30 years ago. He held up a putter with his right hand and held a golf ball in his other hand. He said that the object of the game is to "hit the ball into the cup with as fewest strokes as possible". The longer that I teach and play the game of golf, the more I realize how important his simple philosophy has helped me and others become better players.

A barrier in getting more people to learn how to play golf or keeping them interested is the difficulty of the game itself. According to Winston Churchill "Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole with weapons singularly ill suited for the purpose." We all tend to make golf more complicated than it really is.

Personally speaking, I think I have found the weapon that is very well suited to get the ball into the hole in fewer shots. I believe that the folks from Symple Putter Golf Company have come up with a putter and a putting instructional method that can literally have a total beginner performing like an avid golfer in just one lesson!

At first I was skeptical, because in my 30 year career as a PGA Golf Professional, I thought that I had seen it all. You should see my collection of unique putters in my attic that are not even fit for e-Bay! Out of curiosity, I picked up a Symple Putter at a local charity golf tournament and gave it a try. I was amazed at how fast I could learn the method and immediately feel like I had a chance to make every putt. The proof in the pudding was to bring the putter and the method back to a couple of my beginning golf students. I was amazed how quickly they improved.

I would recommend that any player, from hacker to touring professional to go ahead try a Symple Putter.

John Reger
PGA Golf Professional
Briefcase Golf, Inc.
5745 S.W. 75th Street, #333
Gainesville, Florida 32608
You must be logged in to see this link.

As one of our forum readers replied, "Wow"! Enough said. I would like to give you one more opportunity to get a 'Scoring Machine' Putter of your own before our price goes up to $189 (plus S&H) at the PGA Show end of the month. If you would like to save over $100 please click on the link below and get the World's Most Accurate Putter and learn the Perfect Putting Method in just a few minutes with the Symple Putter! I promise this putter is guaranteed to make you a great putter in just a few short practices (perfect time to practice even indoors getting ready for this golf season). Here is what a couple of your friends posted on our forum page as they got their Symple Putter

To get you Symple Putter just click on this link: ******************************You must be logged in to see this link.
(Make sure you enter the discount code "GOLFHELP")
Posted - December 24 2008 : 3:33:31 PM
I have no idea how many testimonials I have read over the years on various golfing methods. Dvds, magazine articles, etc. I have tried several different methods from Natural golf, Darrell Klassen, Gravity golf and so on. Symple Golf has worked so well for me that I don't even bother to read or try other new ideas. With the success that I have had so far I knew that symple putting would be a superior method. My putter arrived yesterday (thanks Joe) and I can't even begin to express just how good it is. On day 1, I was able to make 16 in a row from 10'. From 12' I hit 18 balls on a line within 3 1/2", just about the width of a cup.

Merry Christmas to all.


Here is another ....

Posted - November 01 2008 : 4:59:46 PM
Hey Mike, Joe, and everyone else,
had my first round with my new symple putter today.
all i can say is wow....27 putts today!! carded an 80, not bad
with conditions such as 30mph winds and hail, and the course is a tough one by anybody's standard.

There were a few raised eyebrows when other people studied my
putts, but they will catch on when my scores stay this low.

I cannot recommend this putter and method highly enough to express my complete satisfaction....just waiting for summer now!.

Thank you from the bottom of the cup!


Here is another.....

A bit more on my practice of 10' putts in my den with my Symple Putter.

These aren't straight putts. My den started its life as a carport and they apparently weren't as concerned about making sure the concrete pad was particularly level there. So I'm putting with a right to left break. Obviously I know the line to hit the putts on quite well. But, if I hit the putt too firmly it will go thru the break and miss to the right. If hit too softly, it will break too much and miss left. So, I'm grooving my touch for my "core" 10' putt.

In my last session, I made 11 in a row, missed 1, then made 22 before missing again - overall that's 33 out of 35. The 22 consecutive putts beat out my previous high of 20. Every putt was dead on the line I wanted - eventually I just hit one a bit too softly and it curled off left.

The line is a given - the touch is the variable. Even 'though I can't practice anything longer than 10 footers at home, I think my practice is paying off. I seem to be a little better with the touch for distance each time I go to the course.

Further update: That session was done yesterday and I wrote it up last night but I didn't get around to posting it.

I thought 22 in a row and 33 out of 35 was pretty good - well I just blew that away. I just finished a run of 88 consecutive putts. Once I topped 30 in a row I felt like I couldn't miss. Around 70 I had a couple that just made it, so I tried to make sure I gave it a bit more oomph after that. A bit too much oomph on the 89th putt caused it to miss (just barely) on the high side. I was astonished when it missed - at that point I didn't think I could miss!

I think I'm getting that "core" 10' putt grooved pretty well.

They've named this putter the Scoring Machine. It certainly seemed very machine-like throughout that run.

Edited by - dakers on August 14 2008 6:08:19 PM

As you can see these are from real golfers like you who want to become great putters and NOW they ARE using the Symple Putter.

Please click on the link below to get your custom Symple Putter and the Instructional DVD for only $119 and if you order now we will include shipping and handling for the $119 price!!

$119 total for the World's Best Putter and Instructional DVD which includes all the secrets to great putting PLUS a 90 Day $$ back guarantee based totally on your complete satisfaction. If you want to truly want to lower your scores immediately, If your scores are higher than 90 then you MUST get a Symple Putter as we guarantee you will drop at least 10 STROKES with the 'Scoring Machine'.

Please click on the link below to get your custom Symple Putter and the Symple Putting Instructional DVD for only $119. If you order now you will get free in the US included for the $119 price!! Just enter the discount code "GOLFHELP" you'll get $20 off the $139.99 listed price for a $119 total for the World's Best Putter plus Instructional DVD which includes all the secrets to great putting PLUS a 90 Day $$ back guarantee based totally on your complete satisfaction. If you want to truly want to lower your scores immediately, If your scores are higher than 90 then you MUST get a Symple Putter as we guarantee you will drop at least 10 STROKES with the 'Scoring Machine'.

To get you Symple Putter just click on this link: ******************************You must be logged in to see this link.
(Make sure you enter the discount code "GOLFHELP")

Monthly Tip

Get Out and Play Winter Golf With Your Secret Weapon

Simple Swing is your secret weapon for "Winter Golf". It actually gives you an advantage over other golfers. This is because using the Symple Power Swing has taught you to make a much better Core (shoulders, chest, torso) Turn than most golfers. This is because most traditional golfers use more of an arm swing motion and they'll have a lot of trouble playing in the winter than you will.

The heavier clothing that you wear when it's cold outside restricts arm motion much more that it restricts the turning of the core. Therefore the heavy cloths are going to restrict your swing less than all those arm swingers. You might find that you can out drive some opponents in the winter that you normally don't out drive all year long. The colder it is and the heavier the clothing that you have to wear the bigger your advantage will be.

If it's really cold and you have to wear gloves when playing you advantage will go up even more. You should find that you can do the PowerThumb grip quite well even with winter gloves on. You're opponents will have a heck of a time if they have to wear heavy gloves because their normal grip requires them to get the club down in the fingers which is difficult with heavy gloves.

BTW, this holds true for wet weather playing too. If you make a good core turn with you rain gear you'll find you'll be out driving your opponents all day long.

So just because it's cold (or wet) out there don't let it stop you from enjoying the game.


Mike O'Leary
Simple Golf
407 340 9420

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